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Global Transport Collaboration (GTC) 2023

NTRO is embarking on an outreach program to Europe in 2023 with the aim of deepening our understanding of Transportation Engineering's current state and the trends for the next decade that are clear and emerging.

Focus Areas

  • Pathway to decarbonisation of the transport sector:

    • What are the targets and the actions in place to achieve them?

    • What has been delivered to date and are the plans likely to achieve the targets?

    • What are the components to deliver the step change EV, shift in transport modes, materials used, processes used?

  • Transport operations for a new mobility future:

    • How progressed is the integrated passenger journey Road/Rail interface?

    • What are the next steps to freight productivity and how is it going to be achieved?

    • What is the rollout of a new energy future and its impacts on the transport sector?

  • New materials emerging for use in the transport sector:

    • Biogenic binders

    • Recycled materials used in road/rail/ports/airports

    • Advancements in solar roads and self-healing asphalt

  • Connected and automated futures

    • What is the timeline for a connected and/or automated future?

    • What is the use case driving the direction

    • How is the rollout being achieved / simulation / modelling / SMLL


    • Latest research across the transport portfolios

    • Ministerial meetings

    • Meetings and exchange with NTRO global partners TRL/BASt/VTI/RIOH

This outreach program will deliver a deeper understanding of the issues in the transport sector, for all delegates travelling with the GTC, across a range of topics through discussions with other professionals from across the sector in agencies and companies across Europe.

The opportunity to discover, through a series of curated meetings and presentations, the details of progress in Europe across a number of key transport infrastructure issues.

Upon the delegation's return, a national seminar series will be organized to disseminate the acquired knowledge to the broader infrastructure sector, ultimately advancing outcomes for Australia and New Zealand

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